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Danielle Fernandez is the previous owner/artist of the USA gallery Mainly Mosaics in Richmond, Virginia and published author of “Brilliant Stained Glass Mosaics”.


In Virginia Danielle worked primarily on private commissions for mosaic interior design in residents homes such as splash backs, dining room tables, showers, tubs, fire place resurfacing, interior windows, floors, patios etc.


Danielle  moved to New Zealand nine years ago and settled in the coastal village of Maraetai New Zealand where she runs her business from her home studio and additionally teaches classes.


Currently Danielle is creating mosaic pop art 3 dimensional sculptures on cement and terracotta pots out of tile and sometimes tile/glass combinations, that can be displayed either indoor or outdoor.


She’s additionally working on stained glass mosaic interior/exterior lighting and stained glass mosaic windows.


She accepts commissions and welcomes the opportunity to create something beautiful for your home.

Artist with art work at Matakana gallery


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