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Size: 300mm x 90mm

Price: $225 each

Red and gold checked stained glass mosaic lit vase

  •       Stained glass mosaic lit vase


    • These one of a kind pieces are the perfect gift for someone special.


    • The idea behind my lit vases is that I simply hate to see vases trapped in a cupboard until fresh flowers arrive to occupy them! Why not have a lovely stained glass mosaic lit piece of art for your home to be enjoyed all year round. Once flowers arrive, then it can be used as a vase.


    • The pieces are lit with rechargeable fairy lights with an on/off switch. Once the fairy lights are charged for an hour at your laptop, they provide 14 hours of light. No batteries required!


    • Size: 300mm x 90mm


    • Price: $225 each


  • Please read RETURN AND REFUND POLICY under FAQ menu.

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